What is serotonin? Really don't know?

I was thinking if I should write about this subject or not. Because if you take a look at whatisserotonin.org you shall find all that you need about this and more. So why this blog post on what is serotonin when the subject is basically so well covered. The answer came like this: yes, the subject is already well covered, but who had covered the subject in lines of poetry?

Let us see:

When happy is the word
Life is getting [a]ward,
so you benefit this world's joy,
and I say world is the word that defines the place to joy enjoy.

Joy stay in reach,
when new opportunities you wana' reach,
so stay in reach
so you can reach
leveled serotonin.
Now Reach!

If you ever get down
look up and forget what's down
for a moment
in the moment

when serotonin is described with poetry
of a life time moment.

joy is what
mood is what
attitude is what
joy is what
sadness is what
depression is a what..?
and when serotonin comes in to play,
depression stick away?
No way!

Linked in like a chain
is your life answer like a chain
and maybe when yesterday was
not yet today,
today was tomorrow
Serotonin is now in it's
knowledge prime when it's
time, time to harness
it's mood harness.

When activity is around,
serotonin comes around,
when taste comes
in contact with food
serotonin around comes.

Keep Keep Keep away
coffee away,
keep keep keep away
nervous stimulants away.
Just if away you want serotonin away
toxins get in your body in/way.
Not sure why you wana' this to do,
when greater things in life we wana' do.

What is serotonin you ask?
I say
joy your joy blood with it
and the worst nightmare will go it's way,

Hope you enjoyed the little poetry my girlfriend wrote about serotonin.